10 ways to create community spirit at your wedding

10 ways to create community spirit at your wedding
May 9, 2019 Sandra Henri

Who doesn’t love a bit of community spirit! Whether it’s getting involved with a local sporting event or purchasing something handcrafted by someone you personally know and love, we all get that feel good feeling by supporting local!

So why not create a wedding full to the brim with community spirit. It will not only turn you into a friendly neighbourhood saint, it will do some good for our planet too!



Here are 10 ways you can create some good old fashioned community spirit at your wedding;

1. Choose something homemade and nostalgic to offer your guests as they arrive to the ceremony! One of my favourite examples of this was when one of my couples served their guests homemade lemonade and Anzac cookies as everyone mingled before the wedding started. There’s nothing like a bit of home cooking to make you feel welcomed and loved!

2. Find suppliers that are local to your area. Photographers that live nearby will know all the great shooting locations super close to your venue. Local caterers means fresher food! By booking your friendly neighbourhood Celebrant you’ll know they’re not going to be delayed with flights or long commutes. It will bring peace of mind and a strong sense of community if you find vendors that know the area well. And bonus, you will have reduced a large portion of your weddings’ travel miles.



3. Why not do a bit of research and find out who the original custodians of the land were in your ceremony area and pay tribute to them with an acknowledgement to the country! It will really add a nice touch of gratitude and appreciation into your ceremony.

4. A personal favourite for adding some community spirit into the big day is to ask everyone to help pitch in with the desserts! I am a firm believer that many cakes are better than one. So if you love the idea of your guests raving about your Aunties incredible lemon meringue and your friend Sally’s Marsbar slice, you can pop this request in with your invites and it offers a nice alternative to your standard ‘wedding wishing well’. We’ve even seen home catered weddings where everyone pitches in to clean up!



5. Instead of a boozy hen’s night, how about a boozy crafting/wedding prep gathering? It’s a nurturing and nostalgic way to pass the time, sitting in a circle, whilst creating together, gossiping, and getting wedding ready!

6. Book in your favourite local pub or cafe for a cheeky after party or recovery breakfast. This is an easy way to give everyone you love a taste of what it’s like to live in your hood!




7. Not really hosting a backyard wedding or a shindig close to home but still want to add that sense of community? Hire a coach or mini van to take your guests to and from the wedding! No one would mind chipping in for this great service so it doesn’t need to be an extra cost to you both so jump on board! The laughs, the music and the natural camaraderie that happens on these party buses will have everyone arriving in a great mood, all on time, and your wedding footprint will love you for it!

8. Ask for hand made, second hand or experience gifts. For example; an IOU for a home cooked meal, or babysitting for a night out without the kids. Not only does it help us avoid getting sucked into the consumerist cycle, we get to receive gifts that are filled with so much more love and lifelong memories.




9. Kids can create chaos and mess! But they are also the best at creating a sense of community. Invite them and hire a nanny or indulge in a jumping castle, or even storytellers to make everyone’s job easier.

10. What to do with all your decorations after the day? Create a community wedding box, that can be passed along within your local area, like the amazing initiative hosted by Marrickville Pass it Forward! And your flowers…why not put aside some time the next day to play Santa, and gift them to your local community service or nursing home? Fun!



This backyard wedding featuring Julia Handford as celebrant, was photographed by Shot from the Heart.


Written by Julia Handford, of Julia’s Celebrant Agency and Less Stuff – More Meaning. If you’d like to learn more about eco-ethical wedding planning, then your Mindfully Wed E-Guide is your one stop, time and sanity saving read.



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