How to infuse your wedding with eco and ethical joy

 Sick of the generic wedding magazines? Us too. So we’ve turned weddings upside down. Yep, that’s right! The Mindfully Wed e-book is a bundle of knowledge like no other. It’s hard being a conscious consumer in the wedding world, so we’ve made it our mission to do the work for you. We go beyond the pretty and the ‘must-haves’ to let couples remain true to themselves and their values, as well as step into their true consumer power.


“The Mindfully Wed e-guide not only made me feel really good about my somewhat unconventional wedding ideas, but also encouraged me to stick to our vision without aiming for perfection. It is jam packed with how-to’s like where to find a socially conscious ring, thought provoking articles such as ‘War on Waste Weddings’ and even planet-friendly menu ideas. The photography is raw, real and breathtaking, giving such authentic inspiration as to what really is possible.

After downloading this guide, I really don’t see any need for wedding magazines or to seek out more information, this literally had everything I could want and more. For all you fellow wedding planners out there, invest in your own copy, it’ll be the smartest and most uplifting spend in your budget, guaranteed.”

Leah Musch, The Unmaterial Girl.

The Mindfully Wed E-guide includes:

203 pages of empowering, relatable reads and conversation starters by our collective of eco-ethical wedding experts
dash_blackStep by step guide from engagement to wedding and beyond
dash_blackLearn what to look out for, and what questions to ask your suppliers when making eco-ethical choicesdash_blackSimple how-to tips that can be applied to any style or size of wedding
dash_blackLearn how to weave an extra layer of meaning into your wedding day
dash_blackWe share our own experiences and things we wish we knew
dash_blackStunning imagery focused on connection over fashion
dash_blackGuys and girls perspectives on the big day
dash_blackHow to plan within a budget
dash_blackHow to remain grounded in your values, and most importantly nurturing your relationship throughout the processdash_blackReduce wedding planning stress by remaining centered on progress not perfection

A peek inside

This guide will feed your inner rebel, nourish your sense of purpose, and ignite a passion for moving forward in your married life with intention. Our goal is that you go about your wedding planning, confirmed in your desire to tread lightly, celebrating something bigger than ourselves, all in the name of love!

We’re in, how much is it?

This is your one-stop eco-ethical wedding planner, brought to you in an advertising free, tree-saving format. For the price of a couple of wedding mags, this e-book will save you hours of research and replace wedding overwhelm with a feeling of calm.

$27.99 AUD

We donate 10% of sales from this guide to One Girl. Why?

“Probably our biggest surprise was educating girls and family planning. You combine these together, the number one solution to reversing global warming is the empowerment of women and girls.” Paul Hawken via Drawdown.


“It was money well spent! I cannot recommend it enough to my friends and family. What a refreshing approach to planning weddings. I came back to it a few times when I felt overwhelmed with options or unsure about what I want. It allowed me to focus on what matters, leave the unnecessary ideals that are not relevant to us, and most importantly, to remind me that I am not missing out by opting out of certain traditions. We just had our surprise wedding this past weekend on Sunday. I re-read the guide the night before the wedding to help me focus on what matters and not get swept up in all the stress”. Tanya and Corey

For wedding professionals

The Mindfully Wed E-Guide is equally educational for couples and wedding professionals alike, and across the globe.

“Over 9 years of being in the industry as a wedding planner, I lost enthusiasm and became jaded to all the wasteful consumerism of weddings. The e book was such a refreshing reminder to reframe my focus and business to core values of love, purpose and celebration.” Mini Yoon, Love Works.

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