Andreas and Jess’ escape to Scotland for their minimalist wedding

Andreas and Jess’ escape to Scotland for their minimalist wedding
November 29, 2017 Sandra Henri


A wedding is the joining of two people who have decided to spend the rest of their lives together. It is not a show of wealth, a time to impress, or boast. It is about the beautiful couple who have made this decision, not anybody else. Jessica and Andreas wholeheartedly embraced this to create a gorgeous day that can only be described as; simple and profound. Andreas flew from Sweden, Jessica from Australia, and they met in the middle to elope on a peaceful day in Scotland.

“We ate pancakes in the morning, ate dessert at a pub for lunch (classic us!) and ordered Indian takeout for dinner.” Jessica and Andreas spent the morning of their wedding making pancakes, watching the nearby farmer feed his lambs, and reading books of letters which they had written for each other whilst they had been apart for the previous 5 months. After a peaceful morning in The Sky Hideaway, a sweet purpose built romantic retreat for two, Jessica zipped up her LuvBridal dress and threw on her old boots. Andreas donned his authentic Scottish tweed suit complete with handkerchief, and they skipped away to the church.

One of their favourite parts of the day was conversing with their minister freely and casually at the ceremony. With no guests in sight, the minister, Rory McLeod, could offer spontaneous advice and insight into his own marriage, guiding the lovely couple on their way into a marriage of true intention and unity. Jessica and Andreas see marriage as a choice. Not just a choice on their wedding day, but every day from that day forward. “Marriage to us is a commitment to do life, together, always, and is centered on caring for the other person not just our own happiness and fulfilment”.

Humble, thoughtful, serving, and giving. This is the type of life Jessica and Andreas want to lead, so they started their wedding exactly like it. Jessica wore a flower crown, an heirloom veil, bird necklace, and a smile. Andreas wore leather shoes, Japanese woven socks, and a grin from ear to ear. Brilliant Earth made their ethical rings, and Threw the Woods We Ran tagged along for the day to capture every second. On their return home to Australia, they threw a party to celebrate, with second-hand decorations, a thoughtful gift directory, recyclable cutlery, and a community-focused vibe.

Their honeymoon involved adventures through Ireland, Spain, and Morocco. Staying at eco-friendly accommodation and striving to offset their carbon emissions, Jessica and Andreas chose to make their honeymoon as respectful as possible for the people and the planet; a message that runs through their decisions and spreads infectiously.

“She is my best friend”- Andreas.

“Andreas makes me my best self”- Jessica. 

Jessica and Andreas’ love for each other and other people cannot be hidden. Jessica, a social worker, and Andreas working in a hospital, this very special couple have set out on a marriage that holds other people at the centre of it; “making intentional decisions with thoughtfulness and consideration to each other and other people”.

The world and its people are better off for this union, and we wish them all the happiness in the world as they adventure through life together.

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