Anna and Tim’s wedding, a reflection of their values of living simply and ethically

Anna and Tim’s wedding, a reflection of their values of living simply and ethically
June 16, 2016 Sandra Henri

Natural ethical wedding Port Stephens


Ethical living doesn’t need to replace elegance as Anna and Tim proved at their inclusive, understated wedding. They chose to wed under a tree canopy at an eco resort The Oasis in Port Stephens. They delighted in a venue that could house the guests, welcomed kids and provided disabled facilities. The wedding was a leisurely affair with the ceremony starting late enough in the day to enjoy a sleep-in (if excitement allowed) and unhurried prep time.

Mindful consumption denote this pair who borrowed what they could from bridesmaid jewellery to flower jugs, crafted chairs out of pallets (made by Tim) and reused the floral arrangements for both ceremony and reception (easy to do when all at the same venue). Dinner was pizza served simply with bamboo plates and cutlery under fairy lights in the garden, followed by homemade desserts and organic tea/fair trade coffee. Anna’s dainty Lover dress was made from offcuts of antique French lace as part of a sale special, and their rings were re-made from family jewellery.

Anna and Tim are a socially giving conscious pair who donated money to Oxfam in lieu of engagement gifts. Watching Tim’s face as she sang to him was one of Anna’s treasured moments, along with knowing their wedding aligned with their personal, ethical values.

Ethical living is a matter of course for Anna and Tim, and so this extended to their honeymoon. They travelled through Cambodia on a cycling tour, choosing to use a company (Cambodia Cycling) where a percentage of profits are directed to benefit local communities. Dare you not to get the travel bug looking at some of their pics below!

Images by Sandra Henri Photography.


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