Bridechilla goals – Unique ideas for a relaxed wedding

Bridechilla goals – Unique ideas for a relaxed wedding
September 1, 2019 Sandra Henri
Bridechilla wedding. Relaxed beach wedding. Image by Fox & Kin.

Image by Fox & Kin


Given that most weddings take a year of intense planning to create, where you’ve had to negotiate family expectations, and probably budget blow outs, it’s no wonder that wedding anxiety sets in at one point or another. So who are these mythical bridechillas and groomchillas? And what is their secret to remaining grounded, present and relaxed on their wedding day?

Here we’ve gathered some ideas from real couples, to help you create a day that contains calm and simplicity for maximum wedding chill.


Image by Elin Bandmann


Bridal Birkies

1000% times yes to the bridal birkies. Being able to move about in comfort is going to play a big part in you feeling relaxed. You barely see a bride’s shoes under the dress, so why not wear some well worn and loved sandals, or some brand new Birkies that would most definitely be classed as zero-waste.


Images by Nina Hamilton


Did someone say wedding pastries?

Most brides are up at dawn to begin the hair and makeup process, waiting till 3 or 4 in the afternoon before things finally get going. Why not simplify the process, and enjoy a some relaxed daytime festivities?

Courtney and Mick didn’t want a big fuss full day/evening event and decided to opt for a mid-morning brunch wedding. It was held in the backyard of a house near their local beach and guests were served coffee and pastries after the ceremony.


Breakfast wedding pastries

Images by Fox & Kin


Lucy and Ally also held a breakfast wedding, followed by daytime dancing! They didn’t need to leave their guests at all throughout their day, holding their very chilled portrait session at sunset.


Images by Sandra Henri


Get ready together

Deb & Adrian didn’t make a fuss about seeing each other before the ceremony. In fact they did away with most traditions that they considered outdated, sexist or simply superstitious. They helped each other finish getting dressed and then jumped in the car together. No ‘first look’ or ‘reveal’ or dramatic gasps. Very chill and refreshing.


Bride and groom getting ready together bride and groom arriving together

Images by Fox & Kin


Allocate 10-15 mins in your day for just the two of you

Matt & Amy sat down and had a beer together watching the sun go down before heading back to party with their guests. No bridal party or posing. Just hanging out having a chat with no-one else around.


Images by Fox & Kin


Pre-wedding meditation and yoga

Kristie and Andy made the time for some pre-wedding meditation, led by their celebrant Kim Oakhill. “The meditation was honestly so powerful and special, there were lots of tears and cuddles at the end. We did it just before we went to get ready, it was perfect as it put everyone in such a good frame of mind.” Kristie.



Don’t get officially married

Selina and Mike were married at a registry a few weeks prior to the wedding, which then enabled a good friend to conduct the ceremony on their wedding day. Their friend was able to speak from a place of genuine connection to Selina and Mike, and helped them feel comfortable too.


Yarramalong Valley Community Hall wedding. Sandra Henri Photography.

Images by Sandra Henri


And the winners are…

Melanie & Gabe didn’t pick a ceremony spot prior to their actual ceremony. They hadn’t even been to that beach before. They google mapped the beaches around Sydney before picking one, flew in from the US and headed off. They wandered down the beach, kicked off their shoes and said ‘that spot looks good!’ and they were married.


Images by Fox & Kin



If simplifying your wedding speaks to you, we think you’d enjoy our Mindfully Wed E-Guide. Here’s what one couple had to say about reading the guide;

“I’ve gotten so much out of your Mindfully Wed e-book! I never thought planning a love-fest would be so heartwarmingly rewarding and exciting! Everyone I talk to about their weddings they didn’t enjoy the process or were stressed to their eyeballs, we’ve just really focussed on what makes us happy and what we want our day to mean, rather than all the materialistic sh*t other couples have on their day. So thank you for so much inspiration and wise words.” Sami & Angus.


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