Ever considered planting trees at your wedding? You might now!

Ever considered planting trees at your wedding? You might now!
September 14, 2019 Sandra Henri


For Pip and Tom, they wanted their wedding to be sustainable and respect the environment by reducing the waster and consumerism that can run away with a wedding. 

Tom and Pip live their lives essentially following the concept of respect for the environment each day. They know that together anything is possible when they work together as a team.

Keeping with their values for a low impact approach this guided Pip and Tom to make some unique and special choices that made the day even more memorable and beautiful.



 “We wanted our wedding to be a true reflection of us.  It was important to us that each element had meaning to us and that our guests felt involved rather than spectators.  Rather than have a colour scheme or particular theme, we focused on sustainability and reducing the consumerism that so often forms part of weddings.”



“I arrived in a friends Tesla which although not traditional was perfect for our sustainable wedding” said Pip.

Knowing that the ceremony was the reason we were all there, Pip and Tom put a lot of emphasis on saying their vows which they had written themselves which they experienced as a special expression of their love and what marriage meant to them – communication, openness, shared aspirations, adventure and most importantly fun.

“Having all our friends and family with us, some who had travelled a long way to be there meant everything to us, but our biggest fear was that guests would be bored or standing around waiting!”  

There perhaps was some legitimacy for this fear; they were holding their wedding on New Year’s Eve, the last day of 2018, at South Coast winery, Mountain Ridge, in NSW. 

In reality this fear was completely unfounded.   The feedback from their guests was that they had a fabulous time and many commented it was unlike any other wedding they had been to.  

 “Rather than giving our guests favors which are so often left behind and short lived we decided to give each family or couple a tree to plant and a stake with their name and the date planted.  Between the ceremony and the reception we had a tree planting.  This meant our guests had an activity to do and we have a lasting legacy of every person who was at our wedding.”



Another joyful memory of the day of the day was rather than have a traditional first dance Pip and Tom got all their guests to dance the Cha Cha.

Pip and Tom have their parents – who had been friends since University-  to thank for their union – although they love story also includes a long story which when told by Tom involves Pip chasing him half way around the world!  

One of the ways Tom shows his love for Pip is to cut her beautiful native flowers from their garden.

“Tom is always full of ideas and enthusiasm.  He is endlessly optimistic and positive, and it transfers to all the people around him,” said Pip.  



If you’d like to calculate your wedding’s carbon footprint, THIS tool will give you some basic insight. Your personal footprint calculator is also a great resource. 

And if you’re planning on planting trees at your wedding? Let us know! We’d love to share your story.


Pip and Tom’s team:

Celebrant:  Joanne Novich 

Photographer:  Jon Harris Photography 

Clothing:  Sposabella Bridal 

Florist:  Shady Fig 

Venue:  Mountain Ridge Wines 

Entertainment:  Scotty Sax 

Rings:  Nic Marshall

Hair:  Beauty on Fern 

Story written by Sarah Tolmie.

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