Caroline & Tim- The Never Never Creek Elopement

Caroline & Tim- The Never Never Creek Elopement
May 3, 2018 Sandra Henri

Image by Fox & Kin Photography


Standing in The Never Never Creek at The Promised Land, Gleniffer, Caroline and Tim said ‘I do’ in a way that simply suits them best. Intimate. No fuss. Nature. Secluded. Bliss.


We spoke with our photographer about doing something a bit different and crazy and when she suggested standing in the Never Never Creek at The Promised Land we knew immediately that we had found our dream location (and a photographer that totally understood us).”


On the 4th of January, Caroline, Tim, their 10 year old boy, Clare Bath (celebrant), and Nicola (Fox and Kin photographer), ventured into the Never Never Creek to witness vows shared in an intimate elopement. No cake, no wedding favours, a scrumptious picnic made by Caroline, and a whole lot of smiles.


When the entertainment is “jokes and mobile phone tunes”… you know it was a great day! Caroline and Tim’s first dance song was lead by Tim’s iPhone in his pocket, and the decorations consisted of pure, untouched, unscathed; nature. Getting married in a private space, amongst nature (which Caroline and Tim love to adventure in), meant they could focus on each other. Their vows were clear enough to hear over the running water, with no interruptions, clutter, or stress in between.


Caroline’s bouquet was a simple bunch of lavender wrapped in lace from a local Softscape florist, Tim wore a smart pair of shorts and collared shirt, and both Tim and their son had a sprig of lavender pinned to their shirts. Shoes were optional for all guests (all three of them!). Imagine getting married with running water over your legs, and rocks beneath your toes. The connection with the earth and the few people present would have been humming.


“Enjoying every day, maintaining happiness and working towards a better tomorrow.”


A marriage begun like this, shows an intent to live purposefully, with mindfulness, and heart. Caroline and Tim both admire each other’s humour and ability to make each other laugh. “In both tough and good times, we are united and just get along.” Their family focus and dedication to making life work together, is found in the way Nic ((Fox and Kin) has captured their day at the creek; laughter, love, intentionality, and joy.


Caroline and Tim’s elopement brings us back to what a wedding should be about, and how much ‘stuff’ creeps into our special day, to only bring clutter, waste, and stress. Keeping the budget low was important for Caroline and Tim, because why should it cost so much to profess your love to the person you want to spend the rest of your life with?


Choosing a wedding day that reflects you as a couple, sounds simple, but it’s so important. It’s easy to get sucked into the ways the rest of the world tell us to plan. But forget about it. Caroline and Tim are a perfect reflection of what a wedding should be about. We wish them, and their son, all the happiness in the world.


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