Celebrating 3 months of marriage equality in Australia

Celebrating 3 months of marriage equality in Australia
April 8, 2018 Sandra Henri
Today marks the day of 3 months of marriage equality in Australia, and we feel like celebrating right alongside our couples! To me the world feels just a little kinder, but to gain some perspective into what marriage equality means to couples who have waited so long for this moment, we asked them to explain the signficance in their own words.


Images by White Lane Studio.

“We both have our own ideas that resonate with us specifically but I think for the most part we fundamentally feel a sense of security in the knowledge that our marriage is legal. That if something terrible should happen to either one of us, the other would be legally protected and entitled to what is rightfully ours. As we are looking to have children, not having the legality behind the marriage also presented some potential challenges. Marriage equality takes away all of these uncertainties.

On a personal level for me (Jenna), I never needed anyone to validate my feelings or the lifelong commitment to Erin (not even the government, as we had our wedding prior to the vote) but finally being able to say ‘this is my wife’ and knowing in every single sense of the word that she really is, is such an overwhelmingly great feeling.

For myself (Erin), the entire process of the vote and the discussions behind each side evoked a lot of emotions. When the result of yes came through it was an overwhelming sense of relief, pride and community. Pride in the fact that our country has taken this forward step, and a renewed my own pride in our relationship”. Jenna and Erin.


Image by Candice Campbell Photography.

“For us, not being able to celebrate our love & commitment to each other is like not having a voice. Every being deserves to be recognised & heard. The accessibility to marriage means we are valued equally to other humans for who we are. We only lift ourselves up, by lifting up others. Our voice is our vehicles for raising others conciousness. Our acceptance will help dissolve stagnate belief systems that will benefit all. This is a step closer to equality for all beings.” Glenjiman and Joel.


“Equality to us represents a step towards kindness and opportunity for all. A movement to see a person based on their character and without prejudice”. April and Bec.

Images by Candice Campbell Photography.

“Equality to us means that we finally feel that our relationship is considered equal by society. We’ve been together over ten years and can now legally celebrate our love with the people we love as equals”. Mon and Cate.

“Marriage is a celebration of the love and connection between two people. It is a time to bring together your family & friends to celebrate your commitment towards each other. Once in a lifetime you find the person that you love and want to spend the rest of your life with. Devoting your love to them in an official ceremony is a unique and beautiful moment that you will cherish for the rest of your life and it should not be a gender specific privilege but a human right. Growing old together, good times and bad times, laughing and crying are all part of a couple’s journey. It’s for everyone. The only condition of a life together should be love.” Rob & Bede.

“It’s pretty simple really, equality means being accepted by the wider community in a sense. I told myself for years I didn’t need anyone else’s acceptance, but when I finally felt I had it, there was a lot of joy around that. It finally felt fair”. Amanda and Jo.


And just some more images, because they are so dreamy. Thanks for sharing Carmen Glenn Photography.

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