Charis and Kane’s joy filled Byron Bay elopement

Charis and Kane’s joy filled Byron Bay elopement
June 30, 2016 Sandra Henri

Charis and Kane believe the purpose of their relationship is to act as a mirror to one another, reflecting back with awareness what it takes to become better versions of themselves. This does not always lead to a romanticised face of love but it leads to growth and honesty where true intimacy resides. As Kane muses astutely, “love takes us through all experiences so we always approach it with an open heart and no expectations”.

Charis and Kane decided early on that their day needed to be about the celebration of their union, an uncomplicated experience shared with their young son, Oksar. They both prefer to live and do things simply so an elopement was their preferred choice. Nature and family time is where they feel most connected. The day started out like any other, hanging together without tight expectations except to enjoy it however it unfolded.

Holding 3 large heart shaped leaves as a bouquet representing the 3 of them, they walked barefoot along 7 Mile Beach, Byron Bay. It was a small bubble of love with Charis, Kane and Oksar held intuitively by their celebrant Cara Gallagher, her husband Phil as photographer/witness and friend Sue Ellen as second witness/helping hand to entertain Oksar. As they were declared husband and wife, a huge Sea Eagle circled above. The couple made a natural raft with flowers to represent loved ones passed and those who were there in spirit, that was ceremoniously sent out to sea.

As Charis walked down the beach she realised she hadn’t looked in the mirror after putting on her flower crown, it was as if she didn’t need to because soon enough she was standing in front of her beloved, reflecting back what truly matters. Everything else dropped away and it was just them smiling and laughing at the simplicity of it all.

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