DIY to the max: Daniel and Hayley’s intimate backyard wedding

DIY to the max: Daniel and Hayley’s intimate backyard wedding
September 12, 2016 Sandra Henri

LSMM and DIY simplicity at it’s best, gutsy duo Daniel and Hayley crafted an intimate wedding on a modest budget of $4000. They had their priorities clear from the onset: make what they can, barter and source cheaply what they need and save their pennies for their European honeymoon.

They met at work where Daniel was a chef and Hayley a waitress at his restaurant. It definitely wasn’t love at first sight as they were both in relationships. But after Daniel asked Hayley on a first date, they’ve been inseparable. Gary Chapman’s work on 5 Love Languages comes to mind – he believes that we all have a primary love language be it: time, words of affirmation, acts of service, physical touch or gifts. This couple share a love language happily showing their love through acts of service by passing each other’s brush, making a cuppa, warming the other’s side of the bed, letting the other sleep-in, washing each other’s hair, or catching up on each other’s day while cooking dinner together with a glass of wine. Some of these things made it into their vows,  sounds like they have it made to me.

Hayley and Daniel held their ceremony at the end of Coffs Harbour Jetty surrounded by guests wearing Elvis’ glasses, homage to Vegas (Hayley originally wanted to elope to Vegas). This creative couple made all the food for the party from appetisers to Build-Your-Own-Burrito Bar and assorted desserts, helped by Daniel’s chefing skills and their shared passion for cooking. Using good ol’ fashioned barter, Hayley swapped her graphic design skills with a local restaurant in exchange for produce and alcohol.

A marquee and bistro lights were purchased (and sold immediately after to recoup costs) and set up in a friend’s garden for the reception. They crafted the decor out of bunting and honeycomb paper collected from local shop display windows with old books and sticks as table centrepieces. After scouring Gumtree for months for free chairs and borrowing trestle tables from a local school, the space had a warm, eclectic feel. They purchased palm leaf & bamboo cutlery and plates online from Biome Ecostore. They made personalised wine charms to place on glasses as wedding favours and for the purpose of reusing wine glasses during the night.

Hayley’s mum created her dress out of vintage lace she had and also made a dress for Scarlett (her step daughter) the week prior. Hayley made her own bouquet out of flowers gathered from a friend’s garden and florist tape. They found a vintage Levi vest for Daniel on Etsy. After eavesdropping on their neighbour’s musical talent when she was practising they asked Jess Swilks to play at their wedding. Hayley’s oldest friend, Alison Bartlett was their celebrant. Family and friends mucked in on the morning helping to set up the marquee and lighting.

Hayley sagely muses, ‘Be prepared for things to go wrong and just roll with it’. I’m sure taking on catering was no easy feat but they successfully pulled it off. Stellar effort guys.

Images thanks to Lyss and her Camera.

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