Small wedding, big love: Matt and Erana go minimal for their wedding

Small wedding, big love: Matt and Erana go minimal for their wedding
May 31, 2016 Sandra Henri

Growing up as teenagers: Matt, his mate Josh, Erana and her sister hung out a lot. Life takes its turns and they lost contact until last year Matt had a funny dream, found Erana’s number and contacted her after a 15 year hiatus. They met for lunch then went on their first adult date and well, the rest is history.

Friendship effortlessly bloomed into a love that still takes them by surprise with the swift ease of it.

An elopement with just their parents was the initial idea before happily settling on including their immediate family.  They put traditions aside and steered their own ship anchoring their plans to their key priorities as a loving couple. To go with what felt right for them and what they both needed to be present and happy on their wedding day, and into their married life together.

Erana explains,“ We wanted to have a wedding that was timeless and beautiful, yet practical and within our immediate means. We decided on a location and a theme, and booked our photographer (Katherine Wilson Photography). Everything else seemed to work itself out.”

This is a couple who are aware of how life has shaped them. Matt and Erana have learnt valuable lessons in the past that enable them to give themselves more fully to each other. Erana says, “I think living purposefully is a work in progress, it means trying a little harder to be truer, kinder and more loving every day”.

At the treehouse, they got ready together (tradition to the wind) and when it was time, Matt gushed over Erana’s radiance, grabbed her hand and led her up the little hill to be married…

Finding their own path.


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