Glowingly green | Make-up Artist Liv Lundelius chats natural beauty products for your wedding

Glowingly green | Make-up Artist Liv Lundelius chats natural beauty products for your wedding
September 28, 2017 Sandra Henri

If you’re making the switch to more natural and organic foods, you’ll soon find yourself searching for safer make-up alternatives. We chat with make-up artist and educator Liv Lundelius and discover that finding natural and vegan make up is easier than we think!


Cruelty free make-up artist


Please tell us a little about yourself and the philosophy behind your work?

I am a professional makeup artist and natural beauty expert. Working on Fashion Editorials, Magazines as well as weddings I have a vast international experience. I love life, my family and my job.

I only work with products that are safe and natural and not tested on animals. It’s a personal commitment that is important to me and ensures my clients skin are only pampered with the best of best of products. I also educate others through natural makeup workshops and my beauty writing / blogging.

How would your friends describe you?
Happy Go Lucky, Go Getter, Eco Warrior



What motivated you to take a different approach in make up artistry?

Knowledge. I think that once you know something is wrong it becomes increasingly hard to keep at it. Once I knew about toxic ingredients in cosmetics and the way they are impacting our health and the planet, I could no longer justify working with these products. I had to make the switch and wanted to educate others about the topic as well. It is so rewarding working with green beauty products, knowing how good they are for your skin and what amazing results can be achieved with them.


Natural wedding makeup


What surprising things have you learned along the way?

It’s all much worse than you would think. But it also way easier to find amazing replacement beauty products that are even better than anything I have known before.

What’s really going in the world of make-up…does animal testing still happen? What’s really in those little bottles anyway?
The beauty industry is a pretty dirty one. Widely unregulated companies are using cheap and toxic ingredients hidden behind beautiful packaging and celebrity endorsements. Animal testing is still very common. All products sold in China require animal testing by law. While many companies had previously given up on this cruel practice they have picked it back up. Morals went out of the window in the promise of money and a big market. Other companies never stopped testing on animals in the first place.

If you are an animal lover it’s important not to buy any of these products. You are voting with every purchase! Always look for the cruelty-free certification, the leaping bunny logo or if the company is registered with PETA.
To be honest all the green boutique organic brands are usually safe to buy. You get amazing quality, support small/local business and safe the animals & the planet all at once!


Vehan wedding make up artist Live Lundelius


How can we make more ethical and eco-friendly choices when to comes to beauty?
Knowledge is power! Educate yourself about toxic ingredients and then replace all your products step by step. I have a complete list of cosmetic ingredients to avoid on my blog here and some tips on how to make the switch to green beauty here.

There are many great natural online stores out there, which have done a lot of the research for you already. If you buy from trusted shops which are selective it makes your shopping so much easier. By buying ethical and eco friendly cosmetics you are supporting the right companies. Consumers have a huge influence and power. Each time you choose a good product you help the whole industry becoming more accountable.



What questions should brides ask when searching for a MUA?
Are you available? Haha, might sound obvious but good artists book up really far in advance. I would say look at their Portfolio and socialmedia and if you like what you see book your day as quickly as you can. Of course you can always ask some questions that are important to you upfront. Especially if you have particular values you can ask if they use cruelty-free or vegan products for example.

How do you reflect on married life? 

To me it’s always been the ultimate opportunity for growth and selfdevelopment. It’s the biggest commitment we can experience in this life. I believe in Love and Adventures and that’s what marriage is. A big beautiful adventure.

What does living purposefully mean to you?
Doing my best until I know better. Then doing better.

What makes you happy?
Sunshine! Fresh Fruit and spending time with my little family.


 Liv Lundelius vegan make up artist

Images of eco-stylist Faye Delanty by Sandra Henri Photography for Mindfully Wed.

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