How to create a wedding with Hygge (coziness)

How to create a wedding with Hygge (coziness)
March 12, 2020 Sandra Henri

Image by Nichole Taylor


Introducing, Wedding Hygge.

The wedding industry is a bit nuts to be honest. There are a gazillion directories, online groups, apps, blogs, products and opinions out there all trying to help you plan your wedding when in reality, all the options are stressing people out.

So let me introduce to you a concept which will lighten the load. It’s called Wedding Hygge.

Now we all know what a wedding is, but what is Hygge?


The Hygge Manifesto was written by Meik Wiking – The Little Book of Hygge


Hygge (pronounced ‘hue-gah’) is a Danish term and anything Danish is a winner in my books. Originating in a region where long, cold and dark winters necessitated finding the joy of the simple things, it is a feeling of being warm, safe, comforted and sheltered and the experience of ‘togetherness’.

To hygge is to invite intimacy and connection. It’s a feeling of engagement and relatedness, of belonging to the moment and to each other. Hygge is about being, not having.

Now put the two together and how much nicer does it feel. I want me some Wedding Hygge.

So here are some simple ways we can create some warm, beautiful Wedding Hygge.


Circle of Love, by Sarah Tolmie Life and Love Celebrant. Image by Sandra Henri Photography.


Candles, fairy and festoon lights

Candles and fairy/festoon lights ooze hygge. They are beautiful and create a warm inviting environment. You can buy these second hand too and used candles actually look better in my humble opinion!

(From a photography point of view, festoon lights produce more ambient light than fairy lights, and lend themselves to better photos. Or go craaaazy with the candles!).


Dancing the hora at a Darwin backyard wedding. Image by Nichole Taylor


Go Casual

Choose a relaxed familiar space for your ceremony and party. Being somewhere that we love and feel at home at really settles us and brings comfort. So getting married at your favourite local café, under a big beautiful tree or in your very own backyard will do wonders for creating strong feelings of warmth and connection.

Tenille from Vegan Wedding and Events recommends:

“A shared platter or family style service of food is a really nice way to still get the traditional feeling of a sit down meal, while bringing a more relaxed feeling to the meal through the element of sharing”.


Vegan Wedding and Events. Image by Liam Foster. Styling by Nicole Bull.


Emma and Brad wed at their Godparent’s home and their fur baby was very much part of the day. Images by Sandra Henri Photography.


Be in Nature

Why not grab a few picnic rugs and get married in a beautiful garden, or out under the stars?  Being outdoors (or inviting nature indoors) soothes us and it also means there’s no need to go crazy trying to jazz up an empty room. Pop some fresh flowers on a table and wallahh! You have the perfect set up for a party.


Image by Kings and Thieves


Get married in winter

Winter weddings are seriously underrated…they rainfall in Australia is generally low, the light is divine, you get to rug up and have cosy fires! Plus lots more hugs.


Image by Lina Hayes


Invite kids

Children bring sweetness and the most adorable unpredictability. Like this little guy who couldn’t be persuaded to walk the rings down the aisle, so Mum saved the day instead.


Images by Nina Hamilton


Speak from the heart

Weddings are one of our last remaining rites of passage in our modern world, giving permission particularly for parents to reflect and speak from the heart. My number one piece of advice on your wedding day, is let yourself feel. This is a moment where you can express what people truly mean to you, something that is often overlooked in our busy lives.

Whilst speeches are traditionally about the couple, why not turn the tables, and tell a story or express what each of your guests’ friendship means you? Your celebrant can even do this for you as part of the ceremony if public speaking isn’t for you.


The bride’s father singing a surprise song during the ceremony. Images by Elin Bandmann


Handmade vs mass produced

There’s nothing like something handmade with love to create some Wedding Hygge. We love clever ideas like asking for handmade gifts, such as Noémie and Francesca’s request;

“We asked for no gifts, and instead asked our guests to bring along a letter, photograph or souvenir for a time capsule, which we’ll open in 5 years’ time.”


Read more about Noémie and Francesca’s wedding HERE. Image by Lina Hayes.

Homebrew made by Groom dad as a wedding gift! Image by Nina Hamilton


That feeling you’ve made a difference

Imagine the feeling knowing your wedding not only celebrated your love, but also all humans? It’s that warm and fuzzy feeling from knowing you have contributed to something bigger. Ironically, thinking of others over ourselves, is actually what makes us happier!

“Did you know that when you make a donation to charity, your brain acts in a similar way to when you are having sex or eating chocolate? It’s true. Thanks to MRI technology, researchers are able to see brain activity when certain acts are taken and in a study on charitable giving when people donated to a worthy cause, the midbrain region of the brain lit up.” via Huff Post.

“Another study found that, when people were given a sum of money, they gained more well-being if they spent it on other people, or gave it away, rather than spending it on themselves. This sense of well-being is more than just feeling good about ourselves – it comes from a powerful sense of connection to others, an empathic and compassionate transcendence of separateness”. Psychology today.


Instead of traditional favours, give a lasting gift to the environment by planting a tree for every guest with GreenFleet.


Less is More

When wedding plans are starting to overwhelm you, go with a mantra we LOVE here at LSMM which of course is: Less is More!

Do without the things that are adding to your stress levels. When you really think about it, all you need to get married is a Celebrant, two witnesses and a few bottles of wine. Anything extra should be things that you sincerely love and things that you know will add meaning to the day.


Images by Kings and Thieves


We hope these ideas inspire you to create some heart-warming Wedding Hygge. Just remember that Hygge is about having less and enjoying more, it is the pleasure of simply being. Being in love, celebrating love and creating cosy vibes go hand in hand beautifully. Enjoy it!


By Julia Handford of Julia’s Celebrant Agency and Sandra Henri of Less Stuff, More Meaning.

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