Jim and Alicia’s sunrise beach elopement

Jim and Alicia’s sunrise beach elopement
July 30, 2017 Abigail Giblin

What happens when you combine water, sunrise and a love of breakfast in a wedding?

They met on Randwick Race Day when Alicia emboldened with champagne walked over to Jim (and mates) asking ‘What are you all doing?’. Time jump, they are travelling Mongolia and rural China together after being married for over a year. We’re lucky they managed to find internet to send us their stories.

Jim and Ali didn’t want to be distracted by an ‘event’ rather they wanted to share a ceremony with immediate family and be more present. At dawn on Belongil Beach, they were married by intuitive celebrant, Kari who was comfortable with the couple’s freestyling request that family members bless their union in their own way. Decoration was done by Ali’s sister Kirsten Fletcher, a costume designer based in London. They wrote and sang their vows and even played guitar. Then they jumped in the water as Mr and Mrs.

They did have a bigger party later with friends so they aren’t complete minimalists, possibly having the best of both worlds tweaking their celebrations to suit them.

What they appreciate about each other? Jim loves when Ali smiles and scrunches up her nose, and her infectious love of life. Jim is a naturally calm guy. Ali is more highly spirited and energetic, and she feels that Jim helps her remember to be mindful and patient. To boot he ‘always’ puts toothpaste on her toothbrush.

Through their relationship, they have come to realise ‘things are just easier when you have love, patience, compassion and kindness’. All couples have rubbing points sometimes but with this mantra, it does make for more harmony and any trials shorter lived.

What living purposefully means to them? Being intentional in life that grows love, compassion and ultimately happiness. Wise words and a great foundation for riding life’s adventures and detours together.

We want to thank them for sharing their love with us.

Watch Jim and Alicia tie the knot and see the magic of love captured perfectly here. Romantics, have tissues handy. Video thanks to Awe Vision.

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