Lovebirds Nic and Rob celebrate 34 years together

Lovebirds Nic and Rob celebrate 34 years together
November 13, 2016 Sandra Henri

Walking along the street holding hands and leaving room in their schedule to do nothing is what this couple enjoy. Travellers and change lovers, these two have been together for 34 years and married for a quarter of a century. Rob says, ‘No one knows me as well as Nicki does and that’s the way it should be’.

They went to the same school, a year apart in age but Rob thought Nicki was someone else. Nicki had had a crush on him at school and thought he was way too cool for her. Later on, Nicki ditched a Duran Duran concert to go to a party where they met properly. With the mistaken identity issue in the past, Rob jumped this time and was surprised and pleased when she accepted his date invitation. The day was 28 Nov 1982.

They’ve built a life together trying new things, moved countries, raised kids, seen them leave, and experienced close family members pass. ‘Each milestone you get through helps you respect, trust and love that person more. We are stronger together’, says Nicki.

They cite humour and not taking things too seriously has gotten them this far. Nicki appreciates that their relationship is so comfortable yet at the same time feels fresh. They’ve grown up in terms of responsibility but retained a sense of childish wonder at the world around them.

Rob is the chef of the house making dinner every day. Nicki realises the effort he puts into feeding them, otherwise they’d be literally malnourished left to her watch. Rob recognises the thought and care Nicki puts into birthdays, their children, the house, pets and paying bills – things he thinks about but doesn’t act on.


When asked their secret to longevity, they agreed that they can’t be bothered fighting and they keep their expectations low. They know each other well enough that when anything crops up, they accommodate it without making ‘a thing of it’. Their biggest challenge is a small one: Rob likes things to be out and visible around the house so he can find them. Nicki likes to tidy everything away in drawers and cupboards. A regular soundtrack of Rob’s is ‘Nikki where is….’.

Well whatever this couple are doing, it looks like their love is still growing. Thanks for sharing your story with us, you gorgeous people.

The images below were taken in celebration of their anniversary, by Sandra Henri Photography.

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