Meet Team Less: Kylie Knight – master of unobtrusive wedding photography

Meet Team Less: Kylie Knight – master of unobtrusive wedding photography
February 26, 2020 Sandra Henri
Candid, unobtrusive and natural is what Kylie Knight, Melbourne wedding photographer and LSMM ambassador, does best. You’ll also see a re-occuring theme in Kylie’s work…her love of dogs.


We asked Kylie a few questions to dig a little deeper into what motivates her. Read on!


What do you see as your strength when it comes to wedding photography?
I think I have an eye for the candid stuff, I have always loved street photography and I think that lends itself to observing everything on the wedding day.



What does your perfect day look like?
A sunny day which starts out at my favourite local cafe for a yummy vegan brekky, then catching up with friends, shooting some photos with them or taking photos for a new project I’m working on. Visiting a gallery and maybe ending it by watching some netflix haha.



How can couples get the most out of their wedding photography experience?
A big one is trusing your photographer that they can capture the moments on the day so you can just have fun!



What has been the nicest feedback you’ve received for your work?
Well I can’t say theres just one but I really enjoy it when my couples send me a google review and some are just awesome and very long haha I love them so much 🙂 It means they truly appreciate me and my work 🙂



Appreciation-Brag-11/10 rating post time Kylie had the perfect eye to capture our happiest day with. Her style fitted seamlessly with what we wanted and highlighted the special candid moments that are often lost in traditional/hectic moments of the day. Nothing was too much of a hassle, she helped us pinpoint the important things we wanted to capture, while her easy going and calm nature made her very approachable with pitching our own ideas. Involved in a 100% chill way from the very start, Kylie got to know us to help tailor the photos to us and our tastes. Often wedding photographers only capture one special moment – but Kylie made all of them special. Way more than we bargained for and we have the album to prove it; this woman goes above and beyond for the love of her craft and her clients. Thank you so much Kylie – we’re so lucky to have found you! ❤️ Michael & Em Radovich.


What’s been your most heartfelt wedding experience?
I had a couple that married and it was my 1st same sex wedding. The amount of love from all the family and friends was phenonomal and everyone cried so much at the reception during speeches as well as myself.



What are some unique ways you’ve seen couples going eco-ethical for their wedding?
Eco confetti for sure is great! Using already made garments to wear on their wedding day. Oh and of course I love when they have many vegan options at their wedding. I’m very passionate about our environment and the suffering of animals 🙂



What does living purposefully mean to you?
Thinking about our choices in life from what we wear, eat, do and think. Living comfortably but not consuming things that don’t make us happy of give us any meaning. Minimalism is a great start in how we consume in our daily lives and It doesn’t mean living with barely nothing either just that we are mindful of the things we possess and we use the things that we have 🙂 If the things have no value donate, sell or dispose of.



What’s your fave quote/inspiration right now?
There are so many amazing quotes that I could say but this one would resonate with most people by now 🙂
“Many individuals are doing what they can. But real success can only come if there is a change in our societies and in our economics and in our politics.”- David Attenborough


You can connect with Kylie Knight for your Melbourne wedding HERE.
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