Mindfully Wed E-Guide Review & Testimonial

Mindfully Wed E-Guide Review & Testimonial
June 20, 2019 Sandra Henri
Thank-you so much Tanya for this beautiful review of the Mindfully Wed E-guide, and how it helped your wedding journey.
“Hi Sandra,
Thank you so much.
It was money well spent! I cannot recommend it enough to my friends and family. What a refreshing approach to planning weddings. I  came back to it a few times when I felt overwhelmed with options or unsure about what I want. It allowed me to focus on what matters, leave the unnecessary ideals that are not relevant to us, and most importantly, to remind me that I am not missing out by opting out of certain traditions. We just had our surprise wedding this past weekend on Sunday. I re-read the guide the night before the wedding to help me focus on what matters and not get swept up in all the stress.
The best thing I did was renting pot plants with baskets instead of getting floral arrangements. No waste, less cost and looked amazing! We also got people to take leftover foods and desserts home (which turned out to be great wedding favours!). We had it at Camperdown Commons and Acre Eatery did the catering and organising. They were phenomenal. No single use plastic and they grow their own vegetables and use locally sourced meats which we really appreciated.
Thank you so much for what you do. I truly appreciate this guide and it allowed us to have a day that did not cost the earth too much.
Kindest regards,
Tanya and Corey”.
Celebrant Andrea Calodolce adds:
Tanya and Corey approached their wedding planning knowing what their core values were – that the people they loved most were there, that everyone had a good time and that their wedding had the smallest ecological footprint possible. They then used these values to inform every decision they made, making the whole process of choosing a venue and venues much easier. They chose suppliers whose work they loved, who fit with their values and who they got on with well and then they got out of their way and let them do their job.  When it came to the ceremony itself, we discussed each element to determine if it was meaningful to them and then either reworked it so that it was, or removed it if it wasn’t. And when they couldn’t decide on who their witnesses should be, we decided to do a witness lottery where all the guests names were in a bag and Tanya and Corey each pulled a name out and those people came up to sign all the paperwork with them. This not only meant they had one less decision to make, but was a great way to add a bit of fun to their ceremony.
Images thanks to Joey Willis.
You can grab your copy of the Mindfully Wed E-Guide HERE.
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