Minimalist wedding: Luke and Emma’s forest elopement

Minimalist wedding: Luke and Emma’s forest elopement
October 18, 2016 Sandra Henri

Luke Gow, a wedding photographer for many years feels the most memorable weddings all have one thing in common- they focussed on love (for each other and the special people in their lives) rather than ‘stuff’. This couple decided it was best for them to declare their love in the middle of a forest with a few cherished witnesses. It was a big ask to gather Emma’s Welsh family from across the seas but they will celebrate with them later in the year.

The morning was filled with breakfast on the beach with a quick pre-wedding shoot with their photographer Katherine Williams so they could get rid of their nerves about professional photos. ‘It made the world of difference’, says Emma. They trekked into Boranup Forest near the Margaret River where celebrant Anita Revel married them. As vocal advocates of same-sex marriage, they asked Anita to say the words ‘marriage in Australia is defined as a union between a man and a woman’ almost inaudibly as they find this hard to accept as it could be and should be so much more inclusive. Dinner and drinks followed at local restaurant Rustico.

Emma kind of snuck up on Luke emerging from the forest before he realised she was on her way. Rarely short of words, he was struck by her presence and beauty, clad in Alannah Hill dress, belt and wrap. Emma had a family heirloom ring and Luke sourced his black ceramic ring online. Local hair stylist Ed Scissorhands worked magic on Emma’s hairdo. River Blossoms in Margaret River did the flowers.

What strikes me about this wedding is it’s natural humility. Luke sees ‘marriage as an adventure where you get to wake up next to your partner in crime every day and take on the world together’. The night they  first met in a kitchen at a mutual friend’s pad, they spent the night bouncing on the trampoline together (not a euphemism) and stayed up all night talking about life. They each bring positivity to one another with cheekiness and a wicked sense of humour. Emma feels ‘it’s magical the confidence he builds in me’ and is encouraged in anything she wants to do. Luke says, ‘I love that we make time for each other. Emma has taught me about balance in all aspects of life’. They make adventure a priority, even if it’s just a hike through the Perth Hills on a Sunday morning.

It’s been a delight peeking into the lives of these warm love birds. Thank you for letting us in on your journey.

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