Mr. Goaty gelato: bespoke wedding icecream that’s eco-friendly

Mr. Goaty gelato: bespoke wedding icecream that’s eco-friendly
August 26, 2016 Sandra Henri

Icecream that is good for the planet? Don’t mind if I do! We chat with Dan, aka Mr. Goaty, about his dreamy gelato creations all thanks to his love of goats.

1. Tell us a little about yourself?

I’m a chef by trade, proud father of one, and lover of goats. Starting a goat’s milk gelato business turned out to be a great way of combining all three. Making delicious food and concocting different flavour combinations is what I do best. Having my own business and working from home a lot means I get to spend more time with my delightfully mad two-year-old daughter.


2. What’s so good about goat? Can goats help save the planet?

Firstly, goats are hilarious, many youtube videos prove that. As a food source, goat’s milk is almost unbeatable – low in fat, high in protein and vitamins and easily digestible for most people. In terms of saving the planet, it’s true that goat’s are far kinder to the environment than cows, they take up less space and eat much less.

3. How did this passion of yours come about?

I grew up in rural England and Greece, surrounded by goats, drinking their milk and eating cheese. I knew how good fresh goat’s milk tastes.

After many years working in restaurants I had the idea that I wanted to do something for myself and avoid the long hours of being a chef. I moved with my wife from London to Sydney, and surrounded by sunshine and great food produce I decided to give goats milk gelato a go. So far it’s gone really well and my passion for it only increases when I see how much people love it.

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4. Please tell us about your wedding and event services?

We do loads of events in and around Sydney – from food festivals to markets. We’re just about to launch at the Carriageworks night market and also taking part in Vogue Fashion Night. The goat cart gets around. I love doing weddings, they’re always heaps of fun and I come up with a bespoke flavour for the bride and groom. We’ve had some amazing combinations!

5. What are your dreams for the future? What difference would you like to make?

I’m on a bit of a mission to show the world how good goat’s milk is. There can be a bit of a stigma or misconception that it tastes “goaty” but so as it’s fresh it tastes amazing, not to mention the health and sustainability benefits I think a lot of people are unaware of.

On a personal level my vision for the future involves a lot of surfing, and building up a business that’s for my whole family. My dream is for a gelato shop where my family and other families can hang out in a relaxed and friendly atmosphere, on a constant sugar high from gelato.

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6. Please share some little known goat facts with us?

· Goat’s milk is A2 and it’s easily digestible so can be suitable for those with sensitive stomachs or lactose intolerance.

· Goat’s milk is lower in fat than cow’s milk, yet as rich in protein, calcium and essential amino acids.

· Gelato makes you happy. Fact.

7. What’s your favourite Mr. Goaty story?

People are always telling me its the best gelato they’ve ever tasted, which is pretty amazing.

One of my favourite customers was the lady who ran the fruit and veg stall next to me when I first started selling at Bondi Markets. Every week she would buy 1/2 litre of Mr Goaty and eat the whole lot hiding behind her stall. After a while we started to swap – I’d get a tray of fruit and veg for a tub of ice-cream. She was obviously pretty sick of eating carrots and apples.

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8. Please tell us about your happy place?

With my family on the beach…eating Mr Goaty of course.

9. What’s next for Mr. Goaty?

I’ve just acquired a soft serve machine so we’ll be doing Mr Goaty Soft Serve with all natural, homemade toppings.

Having just moved to the Central Coast I’m doing lots of events up here like Avoca Markets, Oyster Festival and the Long Jetty Street Festival. I’ve also teamed up with a local coffee roaster to create a new iced coffee gelato flavour. It’s really good if I say so myself.

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First 2 images thanks to: Amelia Grose, remainder of images by: It’s My Photo.

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