Simplicity and soul – Nicole and Marc’s intimate wedding day

Simplicity and soul – Nicole and Marc’s intimate wedding day
September 17, 2017 Sandra Henri

When two people make the beautiful decision to join their lives together, it is certainly something to be celebrated. However, when they then choose to put some serious conscious thought in the planning of their special day to celebrate that decision, well, it just goes to show the dedication they have to one another, their family and the life they are designing together.

Nicole and Marc met one rainy Monday night in Sydney in a bar after they had finished work for the day. The deep level of their connections and their urgency to get to know one another played out before them as they stayed in that bar right up it closed and then decided to kick on at a local Chinese restaurant. As their relationship grew, they both developed a deep appreciation for the honesty and motivation they each held and spent every day grateful that they had found one another. They appreciate the little things and continue to romance one another every day. Nicole loves that Marc still makes her breakfast every single day, meaning that they always get 10 minutes together every morning before a busy day begins.

Their wedding was held at Rocky Point Island, Balmoral Beach as this was the special place they had spent many days nurturing their new relationship when they had first met. Marc had even proposed in this spot so naturally, there was no better place to hold their wedding celebrations for their friends and family. Their wedding was a small and intimate affair with a guest list of only 28 which meant that they were able to develop a number of gorgeous little wedding rituals of their own. Each of their wedding guests gave them away to one another with their blessing, asking each of their guests to hold their wedding bands and send their good wishes through the bands for their future together. This was a beautiful way to ensure every person at their wedding felt included, loved and appreciated for their presence at their wedding.

Family and ‘togetherness’ were the theme of the wedding as Nicole and Marc chose to focus more on the creation of a celebration where good food and good drinks were shared together with no fuss and all happy times. Their gift that they wish to give to any future couples for keeping the day relaxed and remaining present is to “surround yourself with family and friends and don’t be precious about flowers, bridesmaids/groomsmen, rain or fancy cars! Only invite your nearest and dearest” and that they certainly did. Nicole’s mother who had passed away 8 years prior was honoured in the most remarkable ways. Nicole wore her mother’s gold which she had made into a new piece (a perfect ‘something old and something new’) and their wedding day on the very same day that would have been Nicole’s parents 46 wedding anniversary. Says Nicole: “These sentimental and personal moments made the day very significant and emotional for all”.

For Nicole and Marc, it was really all about the simple things. The efforts from family like how Marc’s son helped to craft their hand made drinks station. How their celebrant chose a reading referencing they special dog ‘Twiggy’; “How falling in love is like owning a dog” by Taylor Mali and then revealing their favourite things about one another that she had kept secret. It was these small details that they love, appreciate and that stick with them the most.

The wedding the Nicole and Marc created was an authentic reflection of them as a couple and their intentions for living purposefully. Their wedding echoed simplicity and the joy of the little moments in life. A day that encompassed everything that makes their marriage uniquely their own.

Nicole and Marc were married by Sophie Coombes, with these wonderful images captured by one of our faves Lina Hayes.


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