The Royal Eco Wedding: Part 1

The Royal Eco Wedding: Part 1
April 11, 2018 Kate Hall

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The date has been set, the beagles are excited, and plans are underway… Meghan Markle and Prince Harry are getting married! We suspect that this royal wedding, that is already breaking the rules, is likely to make a statement in line with Harry and Meghan’s values. Wouldn’t it be amazing to see Harry and Meghan set a whole new direction for wedding traditions!

On the 19th of May, 2018, Meghan and Harry will tie the knot in front of 600 guests, with the rest of the world looking on. We all know Meghan has a strong activism focus, and Harry has served multiple times in the army. Surely they will be striving to look after the people and planet on their big day?



Meghan and Harry are a favourite here at Less Stuff-More Meaning. Although we are trying not to be offended that the handsome couple haven’t asked us to plan their big day… we thought we’d make a few suggestions anyway!

For the next six weeks, we’ll be sharing how the couple could plan their wedding in a way that does good by the environment and people. We’ll be considering what Meghan and Harry have already planned, discussing how we think the day will go down, and generally dream up their wedding as if we were their wedding planners (dream on)! We’ll go over the florals, Meghan’s dress, locally sourced classic cucumber sandwiches (hehe), traditions, social giving; the whole shambam.

We don’t want to step on Meghan and Harry’s toes, after all, it is their special day, and they probably have enough people stepping on them anyway! The purpose of our Royal Eco Wedding series is to get over the gossip and media frenzy of the royal wedding, guide you in the right direction for your own wedding, and show you how your wedding day can (and should) be what you want it to be.


St George’s Chapel at Windsor Castle, Berkshire, where Prince Harry and Meghan Markle will have their wedding service. Image source:


Right now, the media are having a field day with Meghan and Harry’s wedding plans. In fact, I can guarantee the lovely couple are already over the fuss and extravagance of it all. Their families will be giving them advice from every direction, not to mention the history of past royal weddings weighing on their shoulders. Sound familiar? Whilst we may not experience the pressure of tradition and the media as Meghan and Harry do, we have our own pressure from the wedding industry and social media (e.g. Pinterest). We mere mortals also struggle to stay true to ourselves, whilst juggling expecations all around us.

The wedding industry has grown far bigger than we could ever imagine, and the focus on consumerism and grandeur is frankly enough to make us feel ill. Imagine the biggest wedding you’ve ever been too. Now times that by 10, and you may be close to matching the budget and extravagance of a royal wedding! Weddings can have a huge positive impact on society when done right, so just imagine what Meghan and Harry could do if they hit their wedding plans with an eco-focus. Hey Meghan! Here’s our Mindfully Wed E-guide if you need a hand!

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Meghan and Harry are arguably the world’s most likeable and down to earth couple. We shamelessly swoon over their romance every time we hear their name – and don’t pretend you don’t too. We’re excited to bring you updates on their wedding plans, and work to plan their wedding with the planet and people in mind. If you have any ideas along the way, don’t be afraid to send them to us too!

By Kate Hall for Less Stuff – More Meaning.

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