Simply beautiful: Amy and Leigh’s family elopement

Simply beautiful: Amy and Leigh’s family elopement
January 28, 2017 Sandra Henri

Life is about growing and that’s what this couple have done over 15 years together. Previously Amy wasn’t attached to the idea of marriage and didn’t really believe in it, but now raising a family and seeing family members pass, marriage and commitment speaks to her.

After getting engaged, they kept it on the low down and then decided to keep it hush longer and get married asap! But when they chatted logistics of having a ‘wedding’, the conversation was more about what others could manage (their families don’t live locally) rather than ‘us’. So they chose to have an intimate elopement and say the words they wanted to say unabashed to each other.

Pencilling in a date, they hadn’t organised much at all except Alison Bartlett (celebrant) and Leah Moore (photographer) but in all honesty, all the ‘stuff’ didn’t matter, Amy reflects. With no time left to have it all ‘worked out’, they put their trust in Leah to choose the best ceremony location Charlesworth Bay, under a tree by the cliffs. They only told their kids just before they left for the ceremony. The kids’ emotions were a highlight of the day.  They stayed at Aanuka Beach Resort, Coffs Harbour, because building had started next door that week, otherwise they’d have happily stayed home. Simple catering organised the week prior was picked up on the day, included petit’ fours, chocolate strawberries, champagne, beer and sushi. A cake was made by K’Pane, artisan bakery.

With limited time to fuss over bridal gear, Amy chose a dress locally from Nik & She, however thinking back she would have been happy in jeans. She chose to have ‘something special’ being her Nan’s plastic bracelets from India that she played with as a little girl. Her bouquet (Flowers by Bonnie) featured king proteas, a flower she adores and they symbolise transformation, diversity and courage, elements their relationship have shown over the past decade and half. Amy, a Makeup Artist by profession, did her own makeup between interruptions from kids. Though styled the day before Amy’s hair didn’t go the distance with the humidity, so Alison helped her bobby pin it up just before the ceremony. Messy hair at its best.

They didn’t expect so many tears at their wedding but they felt a huge rush of relief and euphoria after the ceremony that they had grown together and found space for this marriage and love to take place. Jett, their son threw flowers in the ocean for their Poppy’s who’ve passed.

After locking eyes in a bar many years ago to now husband and wife, this couple have a humility and strength forged through tough times and emblazed with love. Thank you for sharing your love journey with us.

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