Sister Circles, the hen’s party alternative that nurtures and connects

Sister Circles, the hen’s party alternative that nurtures and connects
June 11, 2016 Sandra Henri
Sister circles as hen's party alternative

Sacred Sister Circles for The Bride to Be
Kate Reed, MA (Counselling)

The Sister Circles

Something profoundly beautiful is happening to women all over this planet. It is a powerful force beyond our limited language. It is the gentle yet insistent longing of deepest selves. It is a ‘call’ to move away from meaningless and empty exchanges and reach for the deep connection that our souls are craving.

And so it is that we return to the ancient practice of sitting in Circle.

Women have been communing in Circles throughout the ages, sometimes openly, and sometimes in secret, but always with the intention to bear loving witness to the lives of their Sisters, offering support, strength and wisdom.


Sister Circles Hen's Party Kate Reed


Your Sisters understand that committing to a life partner is a profoundly sacred act. Honouring and celebrating the significance of this union through a Sacred Sister Circle is a beautiful way for the women in your tribe to bless this next chapter of your life prior to the wedding.

On the day, you will be nurtured and nourished through beautiful sacred rituals that are intentionally designed to honour your rite of passage. You and your Sisters will be invited to participate in a traditional smudging ceremony, wisdom sharing, a sacred water blessing and a fire ceremony that allows you to let go of all that no longer serves you as you move forward into your new life with your partner. The Circle finishes with a crystal gifting Ceremony that connects you and your Sisters in a beautiful and deep way so you can rest into the knowing, that you are held with love by your community.

Sitting in Circle with your friends is a meaningful alternative to a Hen’s Party. You will feel enriched and nurtured by the experience in preparation for your wedding day, and, into your future with your new husband.

For more information on creating a customised Sister Circle of sacred Celebration, please visit The Sister Circles.

Kate is based in Byron Bay, regularly travels to Sydney and the Central Coast, and is available worldwide.


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