Fred and Dan 10 year vow renewal, Relaxed intimate wedding

Fred and Dan 10 year vow renewal, Relaxed intimate wedding
May 17, 2016 Sandra Henri

Fred (aka Alison) and Dan were high school best friends: sharing mixed tapes, endless chats and wrote letters before the age of email. Fellow school captains before a summer ‘fling’ turned into a life long romance, young love proved powerful for these two. At 21 Dan proposed at their favourite restaurant and they danced the night away with fellow patrons.

Their renewal vows reflect insights gained from marriage niggles: “I will try and not use your toothbrush or towel if I couldn’t be bothered to find my own” and “If we argue, I promise to always forgive, give you a big hug and move on and try not to have 3 day Mexican stand off”. Relationships take work and there is something beautiful about celebrating our love milestones and sharing it with our children who most often weren’t there first time round. Sally and Richie delighted in seeing mum and dad’s big day.

This couple take time for a long kiss and cuddle every day as Fred says “20 seconds is all it takes to feel SO loved”. They support each other in their different interests but still carve out vital family time. Fred who still uses her original hotmail account from age 18 with the same automated quote by Eileen Caddy fitted to her emails:

‘Live and work, but do not forget to play, to have fun in life and really enjoy it’

This sums up this Fred and Dan duo.

ps. Alison also happens to be a celebrant in Coffs Harbour. You can find her here at Ceremonies by Alison Bartlett.

Many thanks to Leah Moore Photographer for these beautiful images.


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