As we are, Poem by Janice Huckerby

As we are, Poem by Janice Huckerby
May 2, 2016 Sandra Henri
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We ask ourselves, is there love in what we do?

Are we coming up in equal measures with loving and letting go?

Love doesn’t withhold or measure, it doesn’t seek to capture, it sets us free.

Do we love ourselves enough to know that we are worthy of anything that is worthy of us, and so treat others the way we want to be treated, not the way they treat us. This sets us free.

Do we let go enough to trust there is a flow that guides us all wholeheartedly.

Our passion for life is our passion for love, our tolerance for life is our endurance for love. The growing love for who we are and the awareness of love in what we do, because life in essence is love in practice.

Love is never more expressed than when we are simply allowing of it, where we are, exactly as we are.

By Janise Huckerby.

Image by Sandra Henri Photography.

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