Ceremony reading inspiration, Poem by Cassie McMillan

Ceremony reading inspiration, Poem by Cassie McMillan
April 27, 2016 Sandra Henri

Wedding ceremony reading inspiration, from Georgie and Ben’s intimate wedding. Poem written by Georgie’s sister, Cassie McMillan.


I was the ears, deaf to all sounds but the words you breathed. I swear you whispered my name.

All I was burned bright, and all I wanted was to dance with you in the sparks.

We have loved since the first moment your lips changed the air inside you to the words I ached to hear.

We have lived a lifetime in the days that have passed.

If only there were cameras to catch the glances we don’t know we make. Secret lenses to steal stolen looks across silent tables or steaming mugs.

Knuckles on lips when you lean on hands, corner eye grins when you feel them staring.

It’s the secret language shared only between two people truly in love. Not understood by anyone but each other.

It’s the stolen glances, the unconscious touch of an arm or waist, the special laugh only ever elicited by the other person.

It’s the feeling you get when he comes home from work and walks in the door after a day spent apart.

It’s the way she looks lost in thought when she doesn’t think anyone is watching.

It is something words will never be able to describe, because we don’t even truly understand it ourselves.

It is the perfect understanding that two beautifully imperfect people have started a lifelong adventure with the certainty that it will always be together.


Images by Sandra Henri Photography.

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