Georgie and Ben’s “almost elopement” on the Gold Coast

Georgie and Ben’s “almost elopement” on the Gold Coast
April 28, 2016 Sandra Henri

It was like a meeting of old friends. The first thing Georgie said to Ben was I feel like I already know you. By the end of that first day, they joked about getting married.

This couple approaches life openheartedly on their own terms. After an initial head count topped 100+ they reconsidered what they wanted out of their wedding experience. Georgie recognises that it isn’t always easy going your own way, taking a path less travelled from the norm.

They exchanged vows under the trees where Georgie and her sisters played growing up surrounded by an intimate circle of 21 immediate family and friends (chosen for being significant in their lives as a couple). The couple wrote their own half serious, half funny vows, ”I promise to not hassle you about your Star Wars collections”, which they often remind each other now. They were fussy over food and cocktails which totally paid off. Family mementos saved from Ben’s parents and grandparents’ weddings decorated the space, not perfectly matching but every piece purposefully meaningful. Following a rain drenched getaway for photos at Currumbin rock pools, Georgie, Ben and their guests shared a relaxed meal at a favourite local restuarant.

Even a small wedding requires thoughtful organisation, Georgie was given a stress ball by her dad as a reminder to stay calm. It now lives on her dresser making her smile. Her loved ones offered oodles of help, easing the load and sharing in the excitement.

Georgie and Ben share a pragmatic wisdom to marriage: to acknowledge the little things in your relation-sphere and be appreciative of what you create together. A conscious effort to support each other’s dreams and try new things to mix it up. And an underlying belief that time goes by so quickly and not to take the happy moments for granted, cos things can change.

Thanks to Sandra Henri Photography, specialist in small, intimate weddings, for sharing Georgie and Ben’s story.


Georgie and Ben had opted for no presents, however Georgie’s sisters surprised them with a hand-made Moroccan wedding blanket, which they were able to pick up on their honeymoon. Adore!

Moroccan wedding blanket

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