Letter to my Inner Child, Poem by Amy Wilson

Letter to my Inner Child, Poem by Amy Wilson
May 4, 2016 Sandra Henri
Underwater photography by Angela Louise Photography

A Letter to my Inner Child

“Dear Amy,

If I was to write you a letter I’d wish you to find love.

Love of a true nature that doesn’t hide its beauty behind lies or deceit

That doesn’t dim its divine light in past hurts¬†

But forgives and empowers anyone

To feel whole, loved and full

To be yourself in your foibles and indecisions

To have a space to grow and be imperfect and a little broken

Because under the striving, pain, pretences

We are all a little broken.

And that’s ok.

I want you to feel cared for

Safe to let your defences down

And walk some paths to heal yourself

To share what’s deep in your heart and soul when you feel it’s necessary

A fulfilling sensual sex life where you can share

Your beauty and passion with trusted lovers

You are beautiful just the way you are. You are enough.

Love from me”

Image thanks to Angela Louise Photography.

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