Mia & Tom’s intimate and luxe elopement

Mia & Tom’s intimate and luxe elopement
May 20, 2021 Sandra Henri

Images by Lauren Sutton


“We wanted a day for us, to celebrate our relationship, where we have come from and where we are going together. It was important that the focus was not taken away worrying about what others might think or want. We wanted to be able to spend the whole day together and just relax and enjoy ourselves. Weddings can be overwhelming and easily lose sight of the meaning of the day. Plus a being the center of attention is not something either of us enjoy much. We are private people.” Mia and Tom



Celebrant Victoria Eustace, All We Need Is Love, shares Tom and Mia’s story;

“When I had my first chat with these two over Zoom, they were framed by the green trees visible out of their large window, sitting together at their dining table looking relaxed, happy and oozing love.  I met their cat, we talked about their plans and I was taken by how at ease they were with the idea of such an intimate wedding.  They had planned to have just the two of them, Tom’s brother and sis-in-law (the incredible Jack Sutton and Lauren Sutton) doubling as photographers and witnesses and a venue in Gerringong that was as gorgeous as it was meaningful to them.  



“Since day one we have been completely inseparable, we are each other’s best friend. We support each other in every way, always. We have also let each other grow independently and work on ourselves, for ourselves. Through all of the hard moments our relationship gets stronger. We are extremely resilient, caring, thoughtful, and without fail put the other first. We have learnt to be patient, kind and are deeply inspired by the other.” Mia and Tom



Even though not many people are actually going to hear it, crafting an elopement ceremony is something I love to do, as it truly is about celebrating what the two people at the center of it are creating together.  Tom and Mia are working hard to weave a wonderful life for themselves; it was a joy to craft their ceremony for them. The day itself was as perfect as you could hope for.  Masses of food, an incredible table setting complete with cake and florals, uninterrupted views of green and blue as far as the eye could see.  Everything was SO CALM.  



The calmness is one of things I love the most about an elopement.  Mia and Tom still had all the beautiful things – they looked immaculate and were obviously going to feast their little hearts out – but because of the lack of external expectations everything they curated was an extension of what made them the happiest.  The environmental impacts of doing things so low key is an added, wonderful bonus.

Tom and Mia describe their fave moments; “Seeing (Mia) walk down the aisle, hanging out in the morning, getting ready together, the ceremony (Victoria did such a wonderful job, it was so special), and watching Netflix and eating ice cream at the end of the night!”



Because Tom and Mia made the conscious decision to pare it all back, they were so focussed on each other the entire day.  The emotion that flowed during the ceremony was beautiful and I know they would have been in their element traipsing over the hills and beaches.  While celebrating with your communities is a glorious thing, the magic of an elopement just can’t be matched.  I think the learnings of the last 12 months have given a lot of people permission to follow their hearts – whatever that may look like.  For Mia and Tom, it looked like a dream. Marrying your love is the most incredible thing.”

By Team Less Member / Celebrant Victoria Eustace, All We Need Is Love.


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Images by Lauren Sutton.

Thanks so much Mia and Tom for sharing your story.



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