Serlina and Nick keep things low-key and relaxed for their wedding

Serlina and Nick keep things low-key and relaxed for their wedding
December 21, 2017 Sandra Henri

When Serlina and Nick sat down to plan their wedding, they realised just how wasteful and ‘showy’ weddings could be. They quickly threw out the idea of ‘spending like kings’ and decided that having an exhausting and expensive day just wasn’t them. They set their values: awesome food and drink, in a relaxed environment, with their closest friends and family. No bells and whistles, simply a day where they could express their love for each other and show their guests just how special they were to them too. At Less Stuff-More Meaning, we call this a blissful Mindfully Wed!

Serlina and Nick met online. Battling through their first awkward movie date, they soon discovered they were kindred spirits… the rest is history. Getting married, to them, wasn’t about proving their love or dedication, meeting anyone’s expectations, or gaining security through a lawful ceremony. These two love birds view marriage as a joining of two families; two cultures, coming together in love and harmony. Perhaps this was why their wedding was so wholesome and real. A celebration of love in its most pure and raw form.

Surrounded by their nearest and dearest, Serlina and Nick decorated their venue, Chiswick Woollahra, with items from Gumtree and Etsy, an old easel, DIY signs made from Bunnings offcuts, and helium balloons. The venue itself was a picturesque space with a kitchen garden and naturally lit indoor space with large communal tables. The exquisite space meant minimal decorating requirements, and the food was predominantly grown on site too! A string trio played Serlina down the aisle, and Spotify rocked the party throughout the rest of the evening.

Ona Janzen photographed the wedding in a way that reflected Serlina and Nick’s relaxed wedding wishes. The images seized every moment and detail, including the handmade stationery by Serlina, delicate macaroon wedding favours, and candid laughter of the guests. Serlina’s flower bouquet and crown were lovingly created by Fleur and Threads in gorgeous red tones which made her outfit come to life.

Living purposefully is what Serlina and Nick strive for as a couple, now a joint unit and family of two. Thinking of other people, rather than simply themselves, and future planning around how to preserve and care for the environment is crucial to their purpose. These two lovers live in the present, appreciate small things, and above all hold kindness as a core value.

Nick fell in love with her thoughtfulness, smarts, and beauty. Serlina is head over heels for his kindness, patience, and care for others. But Nick says if there’s one way to tell this is true love, it’s when Serlina cuts his toenails!

We wish Serlina and Nick everything good and sweet in the world, and send them safely on their 2018 Icelandic honeymoon!

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