Stunning Scottish Highland anniversary celebration

Stunning Scottish Highland anniversary celebration
March 19, 2017 Sandra Henri

Lina Hayes from Wild at Heart Photography shares her sweet story of serendipity with us…

“It was one of the last days of my trip to Scotland, and I had spent the afternoon exploring the beautiful mountains and roads of Glencoe. I had attempted to organise a last minute shoot in the area but unfortunately had no luck in finding a couple who could make it at such short notice. As the sun started to set, part of me was disappointed that I didn’t have anyone to document in this amazing place, but I was still stoked to be there nonetheless. As I drove through the mountains, I noticed a couple in a white dress and suit had pulled over and had a tripod set up to take a photo of themselves. I pulled up next to them and started chatting to find out what they were up to. I found from Amy and Min that it was their 4 year wedding anniversary, and they had driven to the Scottish Highlands to celebrate. They told me that they had never had any wedding photos taken of them, and they were trying to take some shots on their tripod of the two of them together, but their camera battery had just died. Instantly I knew what the universe was doing. Together we walked around and took some photos before the sun disappeared just a short time later, and created some magical memories that we will all treasure in the years to come”.

Um, how lucky was thaat?!

We adore this anniversary celebration and wish Amy and Min many more adventures together. x



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