Ethical wedding fashion with Lost in Paris Bridal

Ethical wedding fashion with Lost in Paris Bridal
April 29, 2016 Sandra Henri

The ultimate ethical wedding dress: recycled, zero waste, ethically made and oh so beautiful.

A like minded soul, owner Alyssa of Lost in Paris is about forming a social and environmental sustainability movement, not just a business. She breathes new life into salvaged French lace creating one-of-a-kind, made-to-measure any waist gowns that ooze charm and individuality. Sorry China, your services aren’t required here.

Lost in Paris believe bridal gowns tell a story so pieces of Nana’s wedding gown and family heirloom fabrics can be incorporated to create a personal mosaic of mementos.

All shapes (plus sizes, pregnant, you name it) and tastes (vegan-silk free) are welcomed and can be ordered online taking 6-8 weeks to make.

Lara and Cass shared their gorgeous wedding images with us, with Lara raving about her gowns.

“Lost in Paris bridal made my short reception dress and my beautiful white long one (I have always loved their beautiful dresses and knew I had to wear one for the wedding). Both dresses were so comfortable to wear and made me feel amazing. I love that the dresses are sustainably made in Australia from salvaged vintage laces and fabrics.”

However Lara was also quick to add that Cass probably stole the show for ethical fashion…she found her jacket several days prior to the wedding in an op-shop for $15 and pants for $7. Ha!

Images thanks to Dan O’Day Photography.


Ethical fashion is making headlines these days, but if you’d like to delve deeper and see how our clothes are made, then this film is a must watch. Truly eye-opening, shopping will never quite be the same. Thanks to consumer power, retailers are improving their game and each year ethical fashion ratings improve. You can support brands doing things well by checking out the ethical fashion guide at Behind the Barcode or download the app from Good on You.


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